Senior Landscape Architect Plan Reviewer

General Description and Classification Standards

The purpose of the Landscape Architect Senior position in the Department of City Planning is to enforce the City’s tree protection ordinance. The Landscape Architect Senior’s primary responsibility is to review and approve tree preservation protection plans; working with individual builders, homeowners, and other customers to assist in ensuring compliance with the City’s tree protection ordinance. The position also assists citizens with tree preservation on construction sites and obtaining tree removal permits as necessary.  Duties are performed with considerable initiative and independent judgment under the direction of the division manager.  The incumbent must ensure that best in class customer service is provided to both internal and external customers and also embrace, support, and promote the City’s core values, beliefs, and culture. Senior Landscape Architect Plan Reviewer

Supervision Received

Works under very general supervision. May work independently or with other skilled or semis killed workers with responsibility for completion of assigned tasks.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities The se are typic al responsibilities for this position and s hould not be const rued as exclusive or all inclusive.  May perform o ther duties as assigned.

Administrative Duties
Reviews construction drawings and specifications for property improvements including but not limited to plans for construction, demolition, landscaping, grading, and general repair to evaluate impact to trees on site and on surrounding properties.

Documents plan review process, site inspections, and tree inspections in computer database.

May participate in committees and work groups for Division-related or Departmental projects.

May attend Municipal Court with City Solicitor when the tree ordinances have been violated; functions as an expert witness.


Communicates with customers regarding status of plan review, any necessary plan revisions, and explains requirements for compliance with City ordinances.

Communicates with Arborist Division and other City staff to coordinate timely customer service, ensuring prompt public posting of properties, individual tree and site evaluation, and timely issuance of permits.

Communicates by letter, telephone, and email with customers, external and internal stakeholders regarding tree inspections, tree care, tree permits, and other tree-related issues.

Addresses schools and civic groups; Responds to questions regarding trees in general and the rights and responsibilities of citizens.

Site Work

May visit site to verify site conditions are accurately represented on tree protection plans submitted to City and to post public notice of tree removal on construction sites.

May conduct site visits to ensure compliance with tree protection ordinance on active construction sites.

May conduct site visits to evaluate tree health and issue permits for removal of dead, dying, and hazardous trees.

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