Vehicle for Hire Enforcement Officer

General Description and Classification Standards

The Vehicle for Hire Enforcement Officer is responsible for performing inspections in the enforcement of the City of Atlanta ordinances designed to ensure Atlanta’s citizens and visitors have access to safe, courteous and professional vehicle for hire services. Duties at this level include, but are not limited to: conducting inspections and issuing permits; patrolling streets to check permits, license and inspection stickers; investigating customer complaints; preparing evidence and testifying at hearings; and maintaining and updating records for proper documentation.Vehicle for Hire Enforcement Officer

Supervision Received

Works under direct supervision and follows standard procedures and written instructions to accomplish assigned tasks.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

These are typical responsibilities for this position and should not be construed as exclusive or all inclusive. May perform other duties as assigned.

Enforces all City and state codes, ordinances, laws and regulations to ensure safe vehicle for hire operations. Conducts inspections of vehicles for hire to ensure compliance with City regarding operating requirements, cleanliness and condition of vehicles and safety standards. Issues vehicle for hire permits and receipts. Patrols streets to check for vehicle for hire permits, inspection stickers and Georgia driver’s license; issues citations to violators. Monitors vehicles entering airport waiting area for authorized vehicles and payment of fees; inspects same for ordinance compliance.

Investigates customer complaints against operators of vehicles for hire. Tests drivers who are wishing to enter the vehicle for hire industry. Testifies at hearings; may enter recommendation of hearing officers into computer system. Organizes and prepares evidence for court hearings which includes reviewing citations, scheduling hearing officers and contacting complainants. Schedules and contacts hearing panel members for court meetings. Communicates effectively and coherently over law enforcement and police radio channels initiating and responding to radio communications.

Contacts vehicle for hire drivers and/or companies to collect unpaid fines assessed by hearing panel members. Responds to questions, complaints and requests for information by telephone, in person and by mail from visitors, vehicle for hire operators, the general public, employees, superiors, etc. Answers the telephone and provides information advice and guidance; may take and relay messages and/or direct calls to appropriate personnel and returns calls as necessary. Conducts background investigation of vehicle for hire drivers wishing to appeal cases from court proceedings. Conducts additional background investigation on vehicles for hire drivers returning to duty following suspension, verifying eligibility for reinstatement to the industry.

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