Risk Manager – Worker’s Compensation

Risk Management
This position leads and directs the Workers’ Compensation program for the City of Atlanta. The Risk Manager works under the direction and supervision of the Director of the Office of Enterprise Risk Management which has city wide responsibility for managing the City’s risk program. In doing so, it seeks to minimize the City’s financial exposure by mitigating inherent risk, to the greatest extent possible, through policies and programs designed to promote safety and minimize hazards throughout the City. The Risk Manager’s responsibilities are as follows:
•Oversee the efficiency and effectiveness of the City’s Workers’ Compensation program in keeping with the City’s goals and objectives. Manage the risk associated with a self-insured program
•Manage and participate in the development and implementation of specific goals, objectives, and priorities of the program
•Recommend, implement and monitor City-wide cost containment strategies to prevent and minimize losses
•Ensure compliance by the City with all applicable Federal, State, and other laws and regulations applicable to Workers’ Compensation while maintaining a high level of customer service
•Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual reports for distribution and/or presentation to senior/executive management across all City departments. Identify cost components and underlying trends.
•Analyze and use information gained through the Workers’ Compensation program to focus on critical areas of risk and influence the adoption of safety programs to mitigate the risk
•Manage the relationship with the Third Party Administrator contracted to support the program
•Oversee the contracts and service agreements with entities with whom the City has business partnerships related to the Worker’ Compensation program
•In consultation with the Third Party Administrator and legal counsel, participate in the development and execution of strategies to handle specific cases and resolve issues/concerns
•Educate and train employees across the City on Workers’ Compensation policies and procedures
•Work with Human Resources to maintain a Light Duty Assignment Program for workers returning to work from disability leave
•As designated representative of the Office of Risk Management, attend and conduct meetings, and lead or participate in discussions regarding workers’ compensation issues.
•Stay abreast of trends and innovations in the field of workers’ compensation administration and keep current on legislative and regulatory issues at the State and Federal level
•Participate in other Risk Management functions. Conduct periodic assessments of the City’s exposure to both operational and enterprise risk, developing, implementing and strengthening programs and controls to mitigate this risk
•Perform related duties as required
CORE COMPETENCIES: The candidate must demonstrate competencies that support the achievement of work objectives:
Mission Comprehension – Understand the purpose and objectives of the Office of Risk Management, can develop plans and programs to achieve its purpose, and will implement the means to accomplish it.
Leadership – Can influence, motivate and direct cross-functional teams to produce stated results in a professional manner
Analytical Skills – Able to structure and process qualitative and quantitative data and draw insightful conclusions from it.
Design and Implement Change – Recognize the benefits of change, encourage others to value change, and foster an environment to make change happen.
Teamwork – Lead and work in a collaborative manner with other City organizations on the Citywide Safety Council.
Flexibility – Demonstrate a willingness to accept changes to work priorities and be open to new ideas.
Initiative – Self-starter. Proactively address issues. Can anticipate problems before they arise.
Creativity – Generate new and innovative approaches to problems.
•Bachelor’s degree in Risk Management, Finance, Accounting, or a degree program that is closely related to Finance and Accounting. Preference will be given to those holding active ARM, CRM or CPCU licenses/certifications
•5-10 years’ experience in Workers’ Compensation
•5-8 years in a supervisory role
•Strong analytical skills
•Process and project management
•Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing
•Proficiency in Excel, PowerPoint and Word is critical
•Experience with Oracle ERP system a plus

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