Nurse – Board of Health – Fulton County

Nursing Job

Job Title Nurse
Salary $55,487.00 – $83,229.00 Annually

Job Description
Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing from a college or university accredited by the National League for Nursing required; supplemented by two (2) years of experience in public health (other relevant professional nursing role may be considered).

Specific License or Certification Required: Must possess and maintain a valid Georgia driver’s license; state of Georgia license as a Registered Nurse.

Specific Knowledge, Skills, or Abilities: Must be able to demonstrate proficiency in performance of the essential functions and learn, comprehend, and apply all county or departmental policies, practices, and procedures necessary to function effectively in the position.

The examination process will include the following: application review and evaluation to establish a rating to reflect Qualified or Not Qualified. Application must document that the applicant possesses the minimum knowledge, skills, education and experience as listed. If selected, an official, accredited college transcript is required, at time of employment, for all degrees/course work used to qualify for this position.

All applications must be completed in full before they are submitted. Please review all applications for accuracy and make all corrections before submittal because errors can result in not meeting the minimum qualifications. Additional information will not be accepted after applications are received by the Personnel Department.

Purpose of Classification:

The purpose of this classification is to increase the health and decrease the morbidity of Fulton County citizens by performing duties related to providing public health nursing services to patients in a variety of community and clinical settings, including managing patient caseloads in health centers, homes, community sites, inpatient/outpatient clinics, the Adult Day Program, and mobile health units. Public Health Nurse II is distinguished from Public Health Nurse I in that the former provides specialized nursing services and provides lead direction to assigned student nurses, certified nursing assistants and support staff; whereas the latter performs a variety of nursing duties, such as administering medications and performing community assessments but does not provide lead direction to assigned staff on a regular basis. The Public Health Nurse II may also oversee clinic and other health care center operations in the absence of their supervisor and/or be assigned more independence and authority in coordinating and overseeing particular public health programs and initiatives.

Essential Functions:

The following duties are normal for this position. The omission of specific statements of the duties does not exclude them from the classification if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment for this classification. Other duties may be required and assigned.

Oversees and coordinates daily activities of designated public health programs such as the Perinatal Case Management and Pregnancy-Related Programs and the Children First/First Care Program: Oversees data and records maintenance; ensures timely and appropriate communication to all parties; monitors case progress and activity; manages intake process; audits charts and records; provides training and direction to nurses and other program staff; oversees intakes, case conferences and dispositions; schedules employees and assignments; and participates in evaluation of program and program staff.

Oversees, plans, and evaluates the work of assigned staff including Certified Nursing Assistants, Nursing Technicians and Public Health students: Serves as lead nurse coordinator and preceptor for Public Health Nurses and students: Provides orientation to new nursing and support staff; provides expert advice and technical assistance to nursing and support staff in the implementation of services; and provides lead direction to assigned staff, including establishing workloads, prioritizing work assignments, monitoring employee performance, interpreting policies and procedures, and resolving staff issues.

Plans, oversees and implements services delivery to designated health centers and public health programs: Evaluates, develops, interprets and enforces policies and procedures related to federal, state and local laws as well as nursing protocols; provides lead direction and manages assigned staff at clinic; establishes and prioritized clinic flow and workloads in the absence of supervisor; allocates resources for efficient services delivery; assists and supports staff with tasks as necessary; interpreting policy and legal changes to ensure staff understanding; participates in disaster and emergency events; and educates and assesses preventive health needs within the community.

Performs physical assessments, health screenings and clinical services to patients in all programs including Child Health, Refugee Health Assessments, Maternal Health/Family Planning/Birth Control, Pregnancy Testing, Presumptive Medicaid & Women’s Health Medicaid, WIC Certifications, Prenatal Case Management, PRS/Post-partum Moms, Children’s 1st/First Care, Optoacoustic Emission Testing/Newborn Hearing Screenings, Anthropometrics Assessment and Communicable Diseases.

Assesses and assures the provision of routine health services related to established program deliverables and guidelines: Assesses and assures patients’ needs to determine level of care, triage, and develop treatment plan; documents patients’ medical history, health status, care/treatments and maintains vital data; implements treatment plans to meet patients’ needs based on evaluation; addresses preventative health needs for individuals and the community; and provides disaster and emergency health services.

Manages and assures vaccine and drug inventory following established policies, procedures, nursing protocols, standard operating procedures, and state and program deliverables at assigned centers: Orders, receives, secures, monitors and accounts for drugs, vaccines and related supplies; conducts daily and monthly vaccines inventory and report including monthly CoCASA on multiple centers; dispenses women’s health drugs, pills, DEPO and condoms; disposes medications for STD using protocol; administers vaccines to children and adults; provides prenatal vitamins and educates on medications and side effects to pregnant women; monitors drug/vaccines/temperature logs/emergency trays to ensure compliance with drug dispensing policies and protocols; and performs monthly vaccine comprehensive and accountability reports on Lakewood and Dunbar Teen Clinics.

Collaborates with community representatives and interdepartmental providers to coordinate care: Provides health service for at-risk clients; provides disaster and emergency health service and preventative health needs to address individual and community health needs; counsels and educates patients, families and communities regarding healthy lifestyles, family planning, procreation and control of chronic and communicable diseases and other health issues; provides clinical services in the areas of family planning, birth control and reproductive health, immunizations, labs, venipuncture, lead test and follow- up, Hemoglobin test/treatment and clinical treatment; provides care and treatments per established policies, procedures and nursing protocols and performs appropriate follow-up care and treatments per established policies, procedures and nursing protocols; provides teaching to patients, families and communities on services, treatments provided; and develops caseloads and follow-up plans for patients under programs for recalls, continuation and integration of services.

Provides implementation of public health programs as listed in the public health master agreement: Performs Daycare and School adults; provides scoliosis and vision screenings in schools; performs Children’s First care home visits and family assessments; performs refugee health screens and home visits; participates and provides health services and vaccines in the community such as Mobile Unit, SPAC’s events, and in homeless shelters, senior centers and group homes as well as at arms reduction and parade events. Provides preventative services for possible epidemics; assists with communicable disease outbreaks and contacts, participates in flu campaigns as well as at health fairs, back-to-school campaigns and other immunization events; and conducts Bioterrorism training.

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