Maintenance Worker

Maintenance Worker

Maintenance Worker

Job Summary: This position is responsible for manual work of a routine nature that involves heavy physical labor as a member of the sanitation, landscaping or gardening crew. Work is performed under the direct supervision of a Public Works Supervisor and the Public Works Director.

Class Characteristics:
MAINTENANCE WORKER I: This is the entry-level position.
MAINTENANCE WORKER II: This is a lead position that is responsible for assisting with training.

Sanitation Maintenance Worker Duties Include:
1.) Collects refuse including garbage, yard waste, building materials, appliances and construction waste from residential and commercial residents
2.) Assist with the cleaning and maintenance of the sanitation truck
3.) May serve as a backup driver
4.) Performs other Public Works duties including tree removal, cleaning the shop, spreading mulch, repairing potholes and doing light maintenance on equipment

Landscaping Maintenance Worker Duties Include:
1.) Drives assigned vehicles to work sites; operates various power equipment including push and ride mowers, weed eaters, blowers, and edgers
2.) Collects and disposes of trash and debris in City Parks and other property
3.) Mows grass, picks up leaves and assists with snow removal as season dictates
4.) Sets out and weeds flower beds
5.) Lifts, moves, and places heavy picnic tables, bleachers and benches at various park locations
6.) Assist with removing fallen trees and clearing damage areas
7.) Performs minor mechanical repairs
8.) Assist with hanging up signs, banners, and decorations throughout City
9.) Assist with repairing pot holes throughout the City
10.) Performs other Public Works duties including sanitation as necessary

Gardner Maintenance Worker Duties Include:
1.) Plants, irrigates, cultivates, fertilizes and weeds gardens
2.) Mixes soils, trims hedges; stakes and prunes trees
3.) Shovels wood chips and dirt in City parks; spreads wood chips throughout the City
4.) Restores park equipment, benches, and swings
5.) Performs minor equipment repair as necessary
6.) Applies herbicides and insecticide
7.) Assists with hanging up signs, banners, and decorations throughout the City
8.) Assist with removing fallen trees and clearing damaged areas
9.) Assist with repairing potholes throughout the City
10.) Performs other related duties as assigned

Knowledge Required by the Position:
1.) Knowledge of City and departmental policies and procedures
2.) Knowledge of occupational hazards, safety rules and regulations
3.) Knowledge of refuse collection procedures and applicable codes pertaining to refuse collection
4.) Skill in performing general equipment maintenance duties
5.) Ability to interpret instructions and efficiently carry them out with minimal supervision
6.) Ability to perform heavy manual labor
7.) Ability to perform continuous heavy manual work at a steady Pace and under various weather conditions
8.) Ability to deal courteously and tactfully with residential customers and the general public
9.) Ability to follow necessary safety precautions in all areas of assignment

Additional Knowledge Required for the Gardner Position:
1.) Knowledge of gardening techniques and practices
2.) Knowledge of various types of trees, plants, shrubs and lawns and their care requirements
3.) Knowledge of gardening methods and tools
4.) Knowledge of how to apply herbicide and insecticide

Work Schedule: Associates must be able to adapt to changing situations with work plans and work schedules due to workload, weather or season. Associates may be required to work early mornings, late evenings/nights, weekends and/or holidays as deemed necessary by the employing department.

Supervisory Controls: The Public Works Supervisor assigns work in terms of general instructions. The supervisor spot-checks work in progress and reviews completed work for the nature and propriety of the final results.

Guidelines: Guidelines include City codes, departmental and safety policies and procedures, and supervisory instructions. These guidelines are clear and specific but may require some interpretation in application.

Complexity: The work consists of related refuse collection, landscaping, gardening and/or building and street maintenance duties.

Scope and Effect: The purpose of this position is to maintain City parks, grounds, and buildings and refuse collection. Successful performance helps ensure the efficient maintenance of City property and the timely collection of garbage. This results in a positive public image for the City.

Personal Contacts: Contacts are typically with co-workers and customers.

Purpose of Contacts: Contacts are typically accessed to exchange information, provide services and resolve problems.

Physical Demands: The work is typically performed with the employee intermittently sitting, standing, walking, bending, crouching or stooping. The employee must frequently lift light and heavy objects, climb ladders and use tools or equipment requiring a high degree of dexterity.

Work Environment: The work is typically performed outdoors. The associate may be exposed to noise, dust, dirt, irritating chemicals, machinery with moving parts, and occasional inclement weather. This work may require the use of protective devices such as masks, goggles or gloves.

Supervisory and Management Responsibility: None.

Minimum Qualifications:
MAINTENANCE WORKER I: High school diploma or equivalent; equivalent combination of education and experience.
MAINTENANCE WORKER II: High school diploma or equivalent; two years experience; equivalent combination of education and experience.Job requirements:
1.)  Applicants are preferred to have at least a high school diploma or equivalent
2.)  Applicants are preferred to have had at least 11 months experience
3.) Applicants must be at least 18 years-old
4.) Applicants are preferred to hold a regular driving license
5.) A criminal background check will be required for applicants

Job salary and benefits:
1.) Actual salary $12 hourly
2.) Working days vary between weekdays
3.) 40 hours per week
4.) Normal work shifts: Varies
5.) Overtime is required for this position
6.) The hours for this role are Full-time, Permanent
7.) Hourly “Non-exempt” position
8.) Leave benefits include paid holidays, vacation/paid time off, sick and medical
9.) Retirement benefits include PensionPlann
10.) Insurance benefits include Dental, Health, and Life
11.) Miscellaneous benefits include Retirement plan is 457b

Applications and Resumes should be submitted to:

Bryan Armstead, Public Works Director

Avondale Estates Public Works
166 Locust Street
Avondale Estates, GA 30002

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