IT Service Management System Administrator (ServiceNow)

The system administrator will perform fundamental administration and configuration tasks in the ServiceNow instance including but not limited to, standard configuration, user administration, security workflow, date management, and integrations. This role will manage the ServiceNow release cycle and is dedicated to working directly with the ServiceNow application.IT Service Management System Administrator (ServiceNow)

Personalize and create forms and fields
Create new applications, modules, and tables
Activate plug-ins
Build and design reports, gauges and homepages
Configure Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and SLA workflows
Support design and development of requirements for the CMDB with automated processes for gathering and populating CMDB data
Ensure proper configuration and design workflows for asset and configuration management requirements
Collect and input CMDB data based on business requirements
Maintain business services and configuration item relationships in ServiceNow
Create and track Service Catalog requests, and items with variables
Create, monitor, modify, and publish Service Catalog workflows with approvals
Follow the notification process back to the Business Rule
Import data into the instance
Create and use updates to facilitate moving customizations within instances
Enable search capabilities and customization of the Knowledge Base
Create an Access Control Rule
Create global controls for attachments and cookies
Custom scripting
Build third party software integrations
Answering “how to” technical and application configuration questions
Aiding in translating business requirements into technical requirements
Facilitating roll out of new applications and modules
Assist with ServiceNow system upgrades that occur three times per year
Assisting in troubleshooting patch/release management issues

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