Facility Monitor – Decatur

Facility Monitor

Facility Monitor

Location:                                Public Works Building- 2635 Talley Street

Work Hours:                         Nights, weekends, holidays and for emergency call-ins

                                                Year-round temporary (20-30 hours/week)


Purpose of Work:

This is unskilled, semi-skilled, and skilled work involving the maintenance, repair, and monitoring of City buildings, parks and facilities.  Work involves the performance of light to heavy manual tasks and the safe operation of a variety of hand and power tools and light equipment.  Detailed assignments are given by and work is performed under the direct supervision of the Facilities Maintenance Superintendent.


Major Responsibilities:

Drives assigned vehicle and any necessary tools and materials to work sites.  Performs custodial activities in various City buildings and parks such as cleaning bathrooms, washing windows, emptying trashcans and mopping floors.  Changes light bulbs and fluorescent fixtures.  Operates a variety of specialized power tools and light equipment including drill, sander, saw, buffer and vacuum.  Replaces washers in faucets, cleans clogged drains.  Paints interior and exterior of City buildings.  Sets up furniture and recreational equipment.  Installs and repairs recreational equipment. Repair door locks.  Cleans and maintains tools, equipment and assigned vehicles.  Reports any safety hazards or maintenance problems to the appropriate Crew Supervisor.    Monitors park facilities for illegal activities and reports to Decatur Public Safety Department. Manages park areas  – picks up litter, empties trash cans, pressure clean pavilions or park equipment, repairs fences, plants shrubbery, fertilizes & waters plantings, grades fields, checks and refills playground surfacing materials. May be called in as needed to perform emergency services including protection of property, repair of public facilities and removal of debris.  Performs related work as necessary.


Minimum Qualifications:

Minimum of two years HS education completed. HS diploma preferred.  Some experience in performing comparable duties.  Good knowledge of the operation and maintenance of power tools and light equipment.  Some knowledge in basic building repairs, construction principles; basic electrical and plumbing principles.  Skill in the operation of hand and power tools and light equipment.  Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers and the general public.


Other Requirements:

Must possess and maintain a valid State of Georgia driver’s license (Class C) and a satisfactory motor vehicle record (MVR).  Ability to drive and operate any assigned vehicles and equipment in a safe and efficient manner.  Ability to lift and carry heavy objects (10-100lbs) and bend, squat, twist, crawl, and climb on a daily basis.  Ability to work in a variety of weather conditions for extended periods of time.  Must be available for emergency call-in on weekends, evenings, and holidays.

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