Airport Wildlife Biologist Job

General Description and Classification Standards

The Airport Wildlife Biologist is an integral part of the Airport Operations team. This individual will manage the activities associated with overseeing the Airport’s Wildlife Management Program, conduct Wildlife Hazard Assessments as required, and provide technical assistance and leadership to the Wildlife Hazards Working Group. The position is usually assigned to a shift, but is also required to work varied and extended hours based upon the operational needs of the Airport. The position is subject to recall for wildlife emergencies and other unusual conditions. The Airport Wildlife Biologist will report directly to the Airport Operations Director

Airport Wildlife Biologist

Supervision Received

Essential Duties && Responsibilites   These are typical responsibilities for this position and should not be construed as exclusive or all inclusive.  May perform other duties as assigned.

The Airport Wildlife Biologist will manage the activities associated with the airport’s Wildlife Management Plan.  The following duties are normal for this job but are not all inclusive. Other duties may be assigned.  Manages, coordinates, and directs activities associated with the administration of the airport wildlife management program.

Assists with budget preparation, formulation, and presentation briefings concerning wildlife activity. Provide required training to airport personnel as needed.  Collaborates with other business units to execute the division business plan initiatives and other wildlife functions as required.

Conduct periodic Wildlife Hazard Assessments as required by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Conduct wildlife hazard inspections of airport property.

Coordinate mitigation or elimination of hazardous wildlife habitats on airport property and surrounding areas.

Deploy and monitor wildlife containment or dispersal equipment.

Disperse wildlife hazards through use of vehicles, pyrotechnics, or other methods.

Conduct investigations of aircraft wildlife strikes.

Assemble and distribute wildlife strike report kits to airport personnel as needed.

Coordinates wildlife programs and initiatives with other departments, external agencies, and airport tenants.

Participates in meetings with Department of Aviation personnel and Airport stakeholders and makes presentations when necessary.

Reviews advisory circulars and other reference materials and recommends changes to improve operations.

Schedule, conduct, and provide information and expertise to meetings of the Wildlife Hazards Working Group.

Develop and revise the airport’s Wildlife Hazard Management Plan.

Maintain records and supporting documents pertaining to wildlife management activities.

Maintains the wildlife database.

Maintain certification through an Airport Wildlife Hazard Management training course that is acceptable to the FAA  Administrator.

Conduct periodic Wildlife Hazard Assessments as required by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Ensures daily airfield inspections are conducted and properly documented to validate airport and airfield compliance with FAA FAR Part 139 and other governmental agencies laws and regulations.

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