Best Donut Shops in Atlanta

If you are looking for a sweet treat morning, noon, or night get to your local Donut shop!  Atlanta has some amazing Donut Shops to choose from.  Check out ITP ATL’s list of the Best Donut Shops in Atlanta!Best Donut Shops Atlanta

Duck Donuts

Duck DonutsDuck Donuts Facebook

Warm donuts and hot coffee keep Duck Donuts fans coming back over and over again. Named after their first location in the Outer Banks in Duck, North Carolina Duck Donuts was kind enough to bring their delicious donuts to Atlanta. Try their “featured donuts” if you are looking for a seasonal treat or the “Made-to-order” donuts that give you the freshest donut possible.

Krispy KremeKrispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme Facebook

Fun. Fresh. And Warm.  If you see the “Hot Now” light on you have got to stop and pick up “a dozen hot glazed”…. yes….a dozen.  These donuts will not disappoint.  While you can get chocolate covered, Strawberry Iced, and even Pumpkin Spice Cake in the fall, keep it simple with the original that has been drawing crowds since 1937!

Revolution Doughnuts & Coffee
Revolution Doughnuts & Coffee

Revolution Doughnuts & Coffee Facebook

The word “Revolution” in their name refers to the dedication to hand-crafted food – to food made by people and not machines – to making all their doughs, glazes and fillings from scratch and using real food ingredients in the recipes: organic flour, local dairy, fresh fruit, natural flavor extracts, and 100% trans-fat free vegetable oil.

Sublime Doughnuts
Sublime Doughnuts

Sublime Doughnuts Facebook

24/7 donuts made from scratch with crazy flavors like Nestle Crunch and Strawberries ‘n’ cream.  The founder, a Navy veteran, has taken his discipline and applied it to creating the most delicious and unique doughnuts wowing not just Atlanta but the country with his perfection in baking.

Five Daughters Bakery

Five Daughters Bakery

Five Daughters Bakery Facebook

Known for the “Hundred Layer Doughnuts” — a decadent cross between a croissant and a doughnut– Five Daughters Bakery uses the finest organic, non-GMO ingredients in a 3-day process to create 144 layers of croissant dough. Additionally, try their Vegan Yeast Raised Doughnuts and Paleo treats, and a friendly welcome to the store!  Breakfast or Dessert these are a must try!

Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe

Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe

Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe Facebook

With more than one hundred types of buns, pastries, delicacies, toasts, cookies and snacks from all over Asia, Sweet Hut is ready to provide you the most exotic baking experience.  Must try’s are the Hazelnut Nutella Donut, Cherry Ameretto Donut, and the Irish Cream Donut.

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